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Kenneth L. Hill II

  • Hello there and welcome to Paragon Unity. My name is Kenneth Hill II and I am the Founder and CEO of this small up coming company. I have worked on many projects in the past years. Projects from Planet Hollywood, Hotels from Las Vegas, Disney, Marvel, Porsche, etc. I am working on my own comic book series, The Minerva, Vivi Maddox, Transstellar Hunter and more in the future. The reason I made this company is to give artist a chance to showcase there stories to the world. We here at Paragon Unity are driven and want to succeed. There is nothing stopping us but ourselves. So enjoy the art, the stories and come back for more to come!!


Moya M. Hill

  • My name is Moya Maria Hill and I am so excited for you to visit my blog! The main purpose for my blog is to inspire. I am going to share my life with you guys, and I hope that my story will make a positive impact on your life. In a world where many people seem so cold, I want my blog to be a place where there is love, kindness, and warmth.


Diane Bennett

  • Hi! My name is Diane Bennett and I am the writer and artist for the manga, Vortex. Originally hired as Paragon’s cosplay seamstress, I was asked to make a story with the rest of the group, thus Vortex was born. I have been writing and making comics since the age of nine but has been involved with the arts much before then. My preferred style of drawing is manga. I first got into anime and manga in 2005 and have blossomed into an anime loving geek that I am today. Aside from working on manga, I like to watch videos on YouTube, ice skate, take naps and occasionally play Pump It Up.